Cienta Shoe Size Guide

Click HERE to download a printable foot measurer

Go up a size in the pumps as they are coming up smaller than the the other Cienta styles.

The table below shows the inner sole length for each Cienta shoes size (EU size).

For greater accuracy, however, we recommend the customer follow these steps:

Measure the child's foot from the back of the heel to the longest toe on the longest foot in centimetres (cm);

Select type and shoe size by comparing the foot length with the inner sole length below

Please add up to 1 cm when choosing the corresponding EU size. For example, if the child's foot measures 13.2 cm in length choose EU size 22 (13.6 cm) which is slightly longer than the child's foot.


18 11.0 cm
19 11.5 cm
20 12.4 cm
21 13.0 cm
22 13.6 cm
23 14.3 cm
24 15.0 cm
25 15.2 cm
26 15.8 cm
27 16.9 cm
28 17.2 cm
29 17.9 cm
30 18.6 cm
31 19.2 cm
32 19.8 cm
33 20.4 cm
34 21.2 cm
35 21.9 cm
36 22.0 cm
37 22.7 cm
38 23.4 cm
39 24.0 cm
40 24.6 cm
41 25.4 cm

For all shoes allow for up to 1 cm space between the longest toe of the child's foot and the length of Cienta's inner sole. Choose the larger size if the child's foot measures between two sizes.

The correct shoes size will depend on factors such as arch length, socks, or ambient temperature. Heat and humidity affect the foot volume by up to 5%. This can result in a full size difference between early morning and evening.

PLEASE NOTE: While we try to provide accurate size conversions, the information in this table should be used as a guide only.