About Us

Amelia Brennan is a luxury British children’s clothing brand, specializing in traditional bridesmaid and pageboy outfits, as well as beautiful hand-smocked clothing.
The aim of the brand was to provide an easy and affordable wedding range for children without compromising on the quality of the fabrics, design or manufacturing. We are able to do this by offering an online boutique, which we constantly re-stock enabling us to offer you low prices due to our minimal overhead costs, and quick delivery times.
The fabrics are made of the highest quality materials, including beautiful Thai and Indian silks, and soft 100% cotton which is machine washable. All the clothes are made by a dedicated family team in Hong Kong who have been making stunning children's clothes for decades, and have a strong reputation for hand-smocking. 
All the designs are classical and timeless, with a nod to British tradition. The smocked items have intricate, unique designs and make adorable presents for young children, whilst the wedding range is designed to offer a smart, yet adorable look for your little ones on your special day.