Thai Silk Sashes in Various Colours

Navy Sash - Amelia Brennan
These luxurious Thai Silk sashes are designed to go with our Ivory Silk Bridesmaid Dresses. Made of the finest silk, in an array of beautiful colours, you can pick and choose your favourite for your special day.
With ample length and width, they make a gorgeous sash for your bridesmaid dresses. They can either be wrapped twice around the waist for a ruched effect at the front, to highlight the lovely silk, or just once, giving you a longer bow at the back.
  • Small (roughly 1-3yrs) 260cm long, 8 cm thick
  • Medium (roughly 4-6yrs) 300cm long, 9cm thick.
  • Large (roughly 7-9yrs) 330cm long, 10cm thick

Available in the following colours: Dusty Pink, Cornflower Blue, Navy, Turquoise, Emerald Green, Silvery Green, Rich Red and Pale Yellow

To request a colour sample, please email me at

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