Silk Covered Buttons

Silk Covered Buttons

12mm silk covered buttons sold separately to our dresses. The colours match our sashes and cummerbunds.

Please be aware that it will be your responsibility to replace the buttons on the dresses. Amelia Brennan will send the dresses out as they are with ivory silk buttons. Please note further that dresses cannot be returned once they have been altered in any way and this includes swapping the buttons.

Number of buttons on the back of the ivory silk dresses:

  • 12m - 18m: 4 buttons
  • 2y - 5y: 5 buttons
  • 6y - 9y: 6 buttons

There is one additional button on each sleeve of the Ivory Silk Dress and 2 additional decorative buttons on each sleeve of the Ivory Silk Dress with Peter Pan Collar